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BRC FOOD standard (BRC GLOBAL STANDARD – FOR FOOD SAFETY) is aimed at processed food manufacturers and guarantees the safety of food production, packaging, storage and distribution processes.

This standard is mostly implemented by private label food manufacturers and businesses exporting food to foreign markets. BRC FOOD standard helps retailers comply with the regulations and also protects the consumers.

BRC FOOD Standard is designed to ensure product safety during the phases of production, packaging, storage and the distribution.  BRC FOOD standard covers the following areas:

  • HACCP system implementation
  • quality management system and food safety
  • continuous product monitoring
  • continuous process monitoring
  • personnel
  • environmental protection

The BRC FOOD Certificate is a valuable and extensive document which confirms the implementation of HACCP as well as a quality management system. With the BRC FOOD certification the company confirms product safety orientation in all areas of its activity.

Our experience shows that BRC FOOD certification facilitates cooperation between private label food manufactures and retailers which are becoming increasingly more demanding towards their suppliers. The certification strengthens the confidence in high standards which results in a reduced number of commissioned audits.

Companies involved in food production process can use the BRC FOOD certification to prove their commitment to the safety, quality and legality of a product.