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The IFS FOOD Standard refers exclusively to food manufacturers and food packaging companies. The standard relates to the areas of product production and processing and sets out guidelines for places where food may be exposed to hazards during packaging.

IFS FOOD responds to the demands of consumers, suppliers and retailers in relation to the continuous maintenance of high quality products. The standard is implemented mainly by private label manufacturers.

IFS FOOD Standard is designed to ensure product safety from production to packaging. The standard requirements cover the following areas:

  • management responsibility
  • quality management system (including HACCP)
  • resource management
  • production processes
  • measurements, analysis and continuous improvement

IFS FOOD Standard meets the international market requirements and complies with the food safety requirements imposed by the European Union.

With IFS Food Certification a company enters an international database of certified bodies.  It is particularly important in the case of cooperation with large retailers which, by easy access to such a database, frequently select and verify their suppliers.

Our clients who are private label manufacturers confirm that IFS FOOD certification facilitates cooperation with retailers, builds positive relations and confidence which is manifested by a decrease in the number of client audits.

We are convinced that IFS FOOD certification will bring you a number of tangible benefits – not only will it strengthen the market position of your company but also reduce the real costs by implementing regular preventive actions.