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ISO 14001 is known as environmental management standard. It regulates processes in the company, which have a direct impact on the environment, for example: consumption and use of natural resources, waste-water and industrial waste management, energy consumption. ISO 14001 is implemented in both, small and large companies engaged in manufacturing, processing or service.

Implement an environmental management system is the first step towards continuous improvement of the activities carried out to protect the environment. ISO 14001 standard includes:

  • preparation and define the environmental policy
  • identification of environmental aspects and evaluation of their impact on the environment
  • preparation of procedures designed to meet its objectives
  • periodic reviews of environmental management system

Our customers choose to implement ISO 14001 certification, due to concern for the environment, in which their operate. Our experience shows, that the implementation of environmental management systems brings many benefits, both supporting the company and influence positively on relations with the public.

Often ISO 14001 certification is one of the elements building a positive reputation of our clients who want to be perceived as organizations aware of risks resulting from their activities. Contractors cooperate more likely with companies which feel responsible for the impact on the environment.

An organization certified with ISO 14001 has a competitive advantage and is able to present the good intentions of the company. Certification of the environmental management system defines the company as a more valuable contractor and business partner.

In addition, ISO 14001 certification is often required by a number of institutions and facilitates bodies managing permits for the local trade and manufacturing activity.