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ISO 22000 is an international standard of food safety management. The standard combines HACCP, GHP and GMP principles with elements of quality management. The full name of ISO 22000 standard is “ Food Safety Management System – A requirement for any organization in the food chain”.

The standard is addressed to all businesses from various sectors of the food industry. The ISO 22000 standard implementation is welcomed in businesses participating in the food chain – from production and processing, through packaging and transportation, to distribution and points of sale.

The objective of ISO 22000 standard certification is to provide food safety within the entire chain of supplies. ISO 22000 among others includes:

  • food chain communications
  • management system
  • food hazard control (HACCP system requirements)
  • continuous monitoring and process improvement

This standard is recognized and appreciated in the international food market. Our clients who obtained ISO 22000 certification have endless opportunities in foreign markets.

ISO 22000 certification is often a prerequisite for businesses willing to cooperate with large retailers (e.g. chains of retail stores). Certification can provide your company with a valuable competitive advantage while increasing its credibility and prestige.

ISO 22000 is the highest form of assurance on maintaining international standards of food safety. Companies with an ISO 22000 certificate are reliable contractors and trustworthy business partners. Our experience shows that there is no better way to certify the quality and food safety-oriented companies.