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The ISO 9001 norm is currently the most popular norm implemented in Polish companies. Our clients decide to certify the standard mainly due to the desire to meet even higher customers requirements with regards to their products and services and to increase their satisfaction.

An important advantage of the ISO 9001 standard is its versatility. It can be applied in companies of any size and profile. Our experience shows that it is most popular among service and production companies. ISO 9001 certification helps to achieve customer satisfaction and to motivate the staff. It allows for continuous optimization of processes in the company.

ISO 9001 is aimed primarily at providing quality products and services. In addition, the certification allows for:

  • categorizing and monitoring of the corporate documentation
  • the involvement of the leadership into the process of building the company’s quality management policy
  • unifying the rules of the processes and resources management
  • identification of processes and systematic measurement of their quality
  • analysis and continuous processes improvement

Implemented quality management system will also help improve the functioning of the entire company through efficiencies while creating new possibilities for your company.

Certification ISO 9001 is often the first certification implemented in the enterprise. We understand that, for your company, it can be the crucial development stage which gives greater prestige, expanding markets or increases customers trust and loyalty.

Knowing how important it is to certify a quality management system, we provide help and support at every stage ensuring that the certification process runs efficiently and quickly.