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Retail audits refer to a single or regular auditing according to specified criteria in order to assemble sufficient data regarding the actual condition of selected outlets. This type of auditing is addressed mainly to retail stores and franchises.

The main objective of the audit is to ascertain whether the outlet complies with the safety and quality policies of a given retailer. Retail audits focus predominantly on verifying the following areas:

  • methods and quality of the services provided by the personnel of the outlet
  • standard of cleanliness of the shopping area as well as the warehouse and administrative areas
  • temperature in refrigerators and freezers – places where food is stored
  • location of measuring devices and their readings
  • conditions and the scope of personnel training
  • work of subcontracted external companies related to deratisation, disinfection, and insect extermination as well as cleaning services

Audits conducted by our company are usually based on criteria specified by our clients. However, if the client has no specified criteria, the team of experienced specialists will help define suitable criteria.

We apply state-of-the-art methods while gathering information and throughout the auditing process.  To ascertain data, our auditors are equipped with tablets to record the audit results which can be instantly forwarded to the client.

Our experience shows that routine retail audits are one of the best ways to maintain a high level of service quality and food safety. Audits motivate the retailer to provide and maintain quality in compliance with the cooperation agreements.

Our customers confirm that outlet audits are critical in improving or maintaining the reputation of the entire chain.