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Third-party audits (supplier audits) conducted by our company constitute an independent and objective source of information about your suppliers and how they execute on mutual agreements.

During the audits we verify the company’s compliance with selected quality systems (IFS, BRC, HACCP, GMP and others) as well as compliance with other explicit criteria, specified by the client in the cooperation agreement.

Objectives of the supplier audits include:

  • verification of  the quality and food safety per agreement
  • verification of compliance with the agreement
  • evaluation of the supplier’s production processes
  • identification of the cause of potential product-related issues

Audits of suppliers are mostly carried out in plants on the commission of retailers or restaurants who wish to ensure health and safety of the end users – their customers.

Supplier audits have proved to be extremely beneficial as providing the basis for a supplier assement. It helps verify whether the supplier meets expectations and observes the agreements. Audits’ outcomes are a great tool in negotiating the conditions of cooperation with the suppliers.

Our clients confirm that supplier audits are the best way to verify suppliers compliance with undertaken agreements or whether they provide food safety and a high quality of their products.

The audit report is forwarded electronically to both the client and the audited company.