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The MSC certification for the supply chain (MCS CoC) is addressed to all companies that process products certified with the MSC and/or ASC logo or intend to expand their business scope of activity with these products and at the same time want to ensure the possibility of selling them as certified products. This applies, to e.g. producers, distributors, wholesalers, packers and repackers, catering companies, restaurants, retailers.

The MSC CoC standard guarantees both buyers and end consumers that the product with the logo MSC or ASC is fully traceable and the entire supply chain is carefully monitored. This enables the full, uninterrupted path of the product to be traced from a certified fisheries or farm to the table. This documented process ensures that all MSC and ASC certified products are properly labelled, free from adulteration with other species, and come from producers who follow responsible aquaculture principles and minimize their environmental impact.

An introduction of the MSC and ASC logos make it easier for the customer make an informed purchase decision responsibly caught or farmed fish and seafood.

What is assessed in the certification process?

  • Using certified suppliers
  • Product traceability
  • Sorting and separating certified and conventional products
  • Possibility of full product path reconstruction with mass balance
  • Management system

The obtained certificate is valid for 3 years, monitoring audits during the validity period of the certificate are carried out annually.

MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) is an independent international non-governmental organization that, in collaboration with fishermen, environmental organizations and scientists, has developed an internationally recognized standard for sustainable fisheries and the Fish and Seafood Supply Chain. Its aim is to preserve the natural biodiversity of wildlife in seas and oceans.

ASC (Aquaculture Stewardship Council) is an independent, international, non-profit organization that manages a certification and labelling program for responsible aquaculture.

Global Quality Sp. z o.o. carries out MSC CoC certification as a partner of the accredited body Vireo Srl.

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